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La Mara Springs Llama Farm -  Now - Raising llamas in Tennessee 2012,  Raised llamas in Wisconsin since 1993,


     La Mara Springs is now raising llamas  in Tennessee. Our farm has been relocated to Greenback TN south of Knoxville and near Maryville. This area is famous for it's beautiful scenery, gorgeous views of the Smokie Mountains, fishing, boating, Pigion Forge, Dollywood, Gatlinburg. We were very fortunate to find this unique property of about 22 acres. Not expecting to move from our previous Tennesee farm in Elmwood TN on the Cumberland River. Our small select herd of Champion llamas are enjoying their new home of 22 acres which in many ways reminds us of our farm we left in WI with open fields and maple trees and amazing continuous breezes.  Plan to keep our herd small, focusing more on the fiber and maybe doing some hiking events. Also looking forward to attending llama shows and fiber activities in our new home in EastTennessee & surrounding area.
     Lamar - meaning famous land and that it was with the Native American Indians.  The natural springs in this area were a source of fresh water that never froze in the winter months.  They are also the beginning of Parson's Creek which flows north into the Fond du Lac River and thus into Lake Winnebago.
     La Mara Springs Llama Farm is located about 5 1/2 miles south of Fond du Lac in the ledge region of east central Wisconsin and about l hour north of Milwaukee.
     We purchased the remaining 79 1/4 acres, with an old farm house and farm buildings in Oct. of 1988.  The farm was origionally 180 acres and was at one time part of a multi-farm dairy operation named Luxrine Fa
     Having a few Arabian & part Arabian horses, we soon transformed the farm buildings to accommodate our horses.  Since Barbara had loved horses since birth, the idea of being horseless seemed an impossability.  But in 1993 she discovered llamas and a year later all the horses were gone.  Once again the buildings and fences were modified to accommodate her "llama habit".
     Over the years, the size of our herd varies between 25 to 35 llamas.  Barbara has been very involved in the llama community and industry.  She served on the ORGLE (Wisconsin Organization of Lama Enthusiasts) Board of Directors and is also a past president.  We are members of ALSA (Alpaca and Llama Show Association), ILR (International Lama Registry), ILR-SD (Show Division of the ILR),members of ORGLE (Wisconsin Llama Enthusiasts) and LOM (Lamas of MN) .  Barbara is very enthusiastic about showing the llamas and has conducted show and training seminars and clinics for youths and adults.  As a 4-H Leader, she spearheaded the 4-H Lama Project in our area and organized the 4-H and Open Llama Show held at our county fair. She has also judged llama shows at other county fairs. She conducts on the farm tours, visits schools and nursing homes, and has participated in local parades with the llamas.  She loves "talking llamas" and educating the public about these wonderful animals.
     John has worked for Mercury Marine (a Division of Brunswick) for many many years.  He works in the Displays Department where all the displays for the boat shows are made.  Making the cut-away engine displays are his specialty.
     While Barbara does most of the traveling with the llamas, which consists of traveling to many different states as well as Canada, attending sales, shows and other llama events; John prefers to stay home and care for the remaining llamas.  This can be real exciting and rewarding especially when crias are due. 
     Llamas have made it possible for us to visit places we may never have gone and introduced us to many wonderful people we may never have met.  Llamas have enriched our lives in many ways and we feel truly blessed to have llamas in our lives.
     We are very proud of the llamas we have bred and raised over the years. They have been some of the top show llamas & producing llamas in the country as well as producing top quality fleeces.
                        Visitors are always welcome. 
             Just give us a call and we will put the coffee on.


Barbara & John Reinecke
400 Pine St.
Greenback, TN 37742




 In GOD We Trust!