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****  La Mara Springs News Page *****

LAMS Nutcracker

 June 16, 2016

LAMS Nutcracker...The Legand...returns home to La Mara Springs

We were so very fortunate to get this impressive male back home.

  We are offering only 6 outside breedings to this exceptional male at $1500 ea.


 April 2015:

    And time is still flying by.......We sold all of our Wensleydale sheep last month.  I was sad to see them go, but life is so much easier without them.  Still have a few fleeces left if anyone is interested. We also went to a llama show in Cloverdale IN. That was a fun time and so enjoyed seeing all of my llama friends I had not seen in a long while. Took 2 older girls to show and one placed 2nd & 3rd by the 2 judges and the other placed 5th.  The class were of good size, almost like the old days, so I was very pleased with how my girls did as they were in the class with much younger girls.  They still had it! :-)  Was very cold in IN that weekend, so I was glad to get back home to TN.  

    One of my other females had an absessed tooth, so we took her to a Veterinarian near Memphis who was one of the top Equine dental surgens in the country.  He did an awesome job on removing the tooth by drilling it out.  My girl is doing very well and looks like you won't even be able to tell that she had this done when it is finally all healed up.

    So glad that everything is finally greening up, and the woodland flowers & trees are in bloom, and very happy the grass is growing.  The llamas are so enjoying being out in the pasture.  We are expecting 2 crias in May. This is very exciting, as we have not had crias born here for awhile. 

    Also have gone over by my son & his family.  So enjoy spending time with them, after all that is part of the reason why we moved to TN.  Went to Dollywood with them and this old granny road all the rollercoasters....was fun spending the day with them.  Also went to a couple of horseshoes that my step-granddaughter and her brother road in.  Coming from horses and showing them myself, it was fun to go watch them ride.

     Well, have the llamas all to shear yet, and then I think everything will be caught up.   Speaking of which, if anyone has any clipper blades they need sharpened, my son Sean does and outstanding job.  He has a sharpening business here called Edge Tech.  He has many different machines so he can sharpen clipper blades, scissor, lawn mower blades, saw blades, plainer blades, knives, chainsaw chains...and anything else you need sharpened.  He has over 25 years experience at doing this. So give him a try, I am sure you will be happy with his work.   


May 16,2013

Yikes where has time gone. Been very busy settling into our new place in TN & lots of changes are underway involving much construction...garage/workshop, carport, barn, & fencing. Still searching for stuff from the move. Was able to go to my grandsons baseball game, boy can that boy pitch & play ball. So enjoy going  to his games. Looking forward to going to my first llama show here in TN on Memorial Weekend.  Also took 2 young males to visit a elementary school up on the Cumberland Plateau. Was nice to get away & do something llama.  Have most of the llamas shorn & also my 5 Wensleydale sheep.  Will be entering the fleeces in the Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair to be held in Grayslake IL in June. These fleeces are also For Sale. Still can't believe I am living in TN. Loving it! Oh, almost forgot...my son's Redbone Coon Hound had 13 puppies a week ago.  Life is full!Smile

Jan. 05, 2013

Well, 2012 has proved to be quit the year for La Mara Springs. We have successfully moved everyone to Elmwood, Tennessee as of Dec, 08, 2012. We are so blessed to be here and everyone has adjusted just fine. Not to mention that we all got out of Wisconsin just before the big snow hit.  Whooo Whoo we are sooooo happy to be here.  There is lots to do, but we have 30 gorgeous acres bordering the Cumberland river, with bluffs, forests and open grass areas and mountain views everywhere. This is truely God's country! Wild life is abundant and it is great to see flocks of Robins wintering here. We have been busy modifying the big tobacco barn for the llamas & sheep, putting up fence for pastures, building a storage shed & plans for a workshop/garage, carport & another barn are in the works.  But the guys have managed to get some fishing in. Oh and a fenced yard for Mariah. Of course we miss our family & friends in WI but life is an adventure. We are looking forward to the 2013 show season and going to some new shows and also some of our old favorites back in the Midwest. Besides unpacking, will also be doing updates to this website, so be sure to check back.  Happy New Year!

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